Work Experiences

Freelance Full Stack Developer

July 2018 - Present

I started to working as a freelance developer. Currently, I'm working as Freelance Full Stack Developer.

Senior Full Stack Developer, Projet

September 2017 - July 2018, Istanbul

Developing enterprise level applications, In our company we have wide range enterprise applications supports our customers, I mainly focused on ERP (Odoo) using following technologies : Python, PostgreSQL, Odoo, AWS, Node.js, Javascript.

Full Stack Developer, Vidobu

January 2017 - September 2017, Istanbul

Redesigned the website and implemented by me using HTML5 CSS3, JavaScript, Gulp, Sass, jQuery. Completed a lot of new integration like Payment Systems and other education companies. Refactored a lot of pieces of code which are violated the DRY principle.

Full Stack Developer, MyNextMatch Ltd.

April 2016 - January 2017, Istanbul

Built a lot of component on the website using AngularJS. Used PHP Laravel on back end. I built notification center to inform athletes, tournament officials, teams etc. according to detailed segments. Also, we used React in the some projects. For example we built a dashboard to provide to tournament's doctors to check athletes that if athlete is appropirate or not.

Full Stack Developer, Goldmansoft

June 2014 - April 2016, Istanbul

Made a lot of corparete websites for businesses. Also, we started to build a project called Mekanzade. We built and published as beta version a project called Mekanzade. And then, due to financial problems the project was left unfinished.

Junior Full Stack Developer, Burnaz Turizm

June 2012 - June 2014, Istanbul

Completed integration for 3rd party services for hotel seraching, reservation etc. For example There was a large database there. Managed that large database and worked to improve performance.

Side Projects

Laravel API Query Builder Package

This package creates eloquent query from uri parameters. So, you won't need to check query parameters and apply to sql according to the parameter. It will handle automatically for you. If you want to customize in some case, yes you can. It provides customization chance also!
Check it on Github


It is web application for listing gifs. I used Giphy API. It is built by using React, Redux.
Check it on Github Live Demo

Job Listing Web Application

I built it using React. It using dummy data. I used CSS Grid first time in this project.
Check it on Github Live Demo

NodeJS Validator Package

I made configurable existing nodejs validator package.
Check it on Github

Minesweeper Game With JavaScript

It is implementation of Minesweeper game using pure JavaScript.
Check it on Github Let's play

Technical Skills


Git, Linux, OSX, Command Line

Back End

NodeJS, Express, Loopback, PHP, Laravel, Restful Web Services


MongoDB, MySQL

Front End

ReactJS, NextJS, Redux, Unstated, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Webpack


React Native



DevOps & Cloud

AWS, Google Cloud, Docker